Yoga And Pilates – A Sensible Combination

Pilates highlights just a tiny aspect of the vast discipline of Yoga. Yoga includes all that Pilates comprises and a lot more. While Yoga stresses the unity of mind, body and spirit and involves a combination of physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation, Pilates is more physically inclined; it is, primarily, aimed at promoting flexibility, increase stamina and strength, reduce stress and cure ailments. Yoga is considered not just physically therapeutic but also mentally and spiritually. People take up Yoga not just to be physically fit and energetic, but also to reduce stress and anxiety and achieve inner peace and happiness.

While Yoga is the considered most holistic approach to physical and mental well-being, Pilates refers to a physical fitness exercise system. Together with lengthening and stabilizing of the spine it is designed to achieve and maintaining perfect body alignment and posture. It primarily focuses on cultivating core postural muscles. Yoga benefits, on the other hand, are more than just a physical; they are all-inclusive. For physical and mental health, covering all aspects of breathing, relaxation, internal hygiene, diet, breathing techniques, meditation and ultimately self-realization, there is nothing like Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga exercises and poses are not just intended to make the practitioner physically fit and strong, by bathing internal organs with rich oxygenated blood and life force energy they also set their functioning right. Further, Yoga normalizes the endocrine system, strengthens the respiratory system and enhances digestive functioning and elimination besides perking up the reproductive system.

Benefits of Pilates

On the other hand, even though Pilates is not as complete and holistic a health system as Yoga, it helps you reach more or less the same physical fitness goals as Yoga. This is achieved through a series of controlled movements and breathing regulation. Pilates is very effective, especially for aesthetic body sculpting and makes the practitioner feel and look tall, lean and svelte.

So, what is better for overall health and fitness, Pilates or Yoga? The answer is a levelheaded blend of the physical and meditative aspects of both systems. On some level, both Yoga and Pilates share the common goal of strengthening the body with the help of ones own body weight for resistance. As a matter of fact, a lot of their movements and postures are very similar. And, just like Yoga, Pilates can also be done as floor exercises if you don not wish to blow money on buying Yoga equipment or Pilates equipment. Pilates is also a lot simpler to learn and easier to understand. It also tends to give quicker results. But, finally, the choice is yours; it depends on your patience level and the goals wish to achieve. Just physical fitness and a fantastic figure or all that together with long-lasting inner peace and happiness

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Pilates Revealed – The Top 7 Pilates Benefits For Health and Fitness

Pilates may seem like a new fad in exercise routines, but it has been around for a long time. Many people are still unaware of the benefits of Pilates. This type of exercise promotes inner health and total body fitness.

While many people workout just to try and improve their physical appearance, they miss the more important component of improving the condition of their body. Pilates makes you look good on the outside because you are healthy on the inside.

Common users of this type of exercise include dancers, runners, gymnasts, and those in the sports medicine industry. Trainers and physical therapists often use it to help their patients recover from injury and strengthen weak areas as part of injury prevention.

Here are the Top 7 benefits for overall health and fitness:

1. Pilates Improves Overall Body Awareness

One thing that teachers will say about the difference between Pilates and the standard workout regimen of weight lifting and cardio/aerobic exercise is that it promotes overall awareness of the body. And, this translates from focused exercises to better posture and overall strength in every day life. The traditional style of working out generally focuses on the body’s extremities, i.e. the arms and legs. Pilates on the other hand, increases balanced control and strength for the whole body.

2. Pilates Strengthens The Body’s Core

Your body core is the main part of your body in and around your back and abdomen. These muscles are what give you your posture and overall appearance. This practice is beneficial because it provides flexibility in your core as well as toning. Specific breathing and stretching exercises work to target and strengthen your core.

3. Pilates Increases One’s Body Control

Even though you are able to move different body parts independently, your body is one cohesive unit that is meant to function and move with fluidity. Pilates teaches proper body positioning and movement. When bad habits and posture are corrected you will have better overall control of your body. Think of stars like Madonna and Cameron Diaz, they have used it to develop strength and control in their bodies. And, on the red carpet they are picture perfect.

4. Pilates Prevents Injuries

Because it is a total body balance exercise program, all of your muscles are equally strengthened and developed. Injuries occur most when some part of your body is out of balance or weak. So, by increasing your overall body control and strength you will prevent injuries.

5. Pilates Improves Posture

Did you know that correct posture can actually make you look up to tem pounds lighter without losing an inch? This exercise improves your posture because of the increased body awareness and core strength. A stronger core makes it much easier to stand up straight.

6. Pilates Improves Range Of Motion And Flexibility

One benefit of this exercise is that makes it popular among dancers, runners, and especially women in general is the increased range of motion and flexibility that you develop through these exercises. It is a total body synergy workout that stretches the muscles to make them long and lean, which is ideal for those who don’t want to bulk up.

7. Pilates Improves Blood Circulation

Because it focuses on breathing technique and flexibility, the two combined provide better circulation for the body. Blood flows to muscles easier when they are stretched out. And oxygen aids in the all-important production of new blood cell.

Anyone can benefit from the practice of this exercise. You can get involved with this kind of exercise at home through videos and friends who do it, or consider joining a Pilates class at your local fitness center.

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